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1- Membership Department will be in contact with new pilot candidates. 
You will be asked to fill in an application questionaire and if your application approved, you will be requested to have an interview on the German SKY Alliance Team-Speak 3.

2- Having 50 online hours on Vatsim platforms may enough to join German SKY Alliance.
Confirmed applicants will start to fly for German SKY Group Airlines with the rank Private Pilot. 
All online GHY call-signed flights will be added to current hours for the each pilot and these hours will be seen on Roster part on our website.

3- After being a member of German SKY Alliance, the first flight has to be done in 7 days time with your given GHY callsign, otherwise your application will be deleted if you do not have any excuses.

4- You may only have domestic flights with Private Pilot Rank except for special permissions.

5- After having 100 hours on Vatsim/ IVAO platforms, German SKY Alliance Staff may ask you to have a Check Flight to see your further experiences.

6- Sufficient sources and documents are available on our website.

7- STAFF members are not allowed to fly for other Airlines with different Call-Signs, as they represent German SKY Alliance officially.

8- With permission of the STAFF, pilots are allowed to fly with different call-signs, by a usage of a quarter of the monthly done flights.

As discussed on our last Staff meeting, it had been decided to give exceptions as:
Every pilot has right to take special permission from Flight Operation Department or Membership Department, if there is a special Event on VATSIM / IVAO or etc.

The 'Joining Procedure' has been updated at 12th August 2016 1547z.

  Rank Hours on Duty Success Requirement Rating Certificate
Private Pilot 50 - No longhaul flights
Maximum aircraft category allowed WTC M
First Officer 150 - Maximum allowed aircraft category WTC H
Senior First Officer 500 - Maximum allowed aircraft category H
Captain 1000 - No flight related restrictions
Senior Captain 2000 - -
Check Captain 3000 - Real pilot or VATSIM PTD4 rating