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Welcome to German SKY Alliance Family

since 2008

Professionalism in Simulation

Managed by Real Life Aviators

Feel the Difference of Flying

Hiring new Pilots

Welcome to German SKY Alliance

We are still representing former German SKY Airlines & SKY Airlines officially with your support. As adding Borajet Airlines and Azurair Germany to our family, with official permission taken, we are simulating and representing all airlines as real as it gets. We are planning to give you a feeling of being a real airlines pilot at all. If you really like to be a part of GHY Alliance Family, you are heartily welcome on board.

Best regards,

German SKY Alliance

Live Flights

Last 10 Flights

Airline Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Duration Landing Aircraft Date
MUSTAFA ECE GHY 0922 LTAC LTDA 01.08 -128 B737-800 17.Nov.2019 20:08
Taner Togrul GHY 2231 LTAC LTDA 00.58 -174 B757-200 17.Nov.2019 20:02
Axel Schwenk GHY 151 EDDK DAAG 02.01 -76 B737-800 10.Nov.2019 22:31
MUSTAFA ECE GHY 0922 LTFJ EDDT 02.41 -68 B737-800 07.Nov.2019 20:18
MUSTAFA ECE GHY 0922 EDDT LTFJ 02.34 -166 B737-800 06.Nov.2019 21:29
Roger Martin GHY 752 KAUS SBGR 09.01 -269 B747-400ER 06.Nov.2019 19:41
Taner Togrul GHY 3211 LTCG LTAI 01.28 -235 B757-200 03.Nov.2019 13:43
MUSTAFA ECE GHY 0922 LTAI LTFJ 00.51 -135 B737-800 29.Oct.2019 20:46
Roger Martin GHY 752 MMUN KAUS 01.58 -198 B747-400ER 29.Oct.2019 10:59
Axel Schwenk GHY 162 EINN EDDK 01.30 -93 B737-800 27.Oct.2019 21:54
Radio CS: GermanSky
Foundation: 21.08.2012

Radio CS: Sky
Foundation: 21.09.2008

Radio CS: Blue Eagle
Foundation: 13.03.2018

Radio CS: Borajet
Foundation: 15.06.2016

Radio CS: Candan
Foundation: 09.09.2008


German Sky Alliance News

  • Summer Holiday

    After having a wonderful, successful and busy year, our Pilots and Staff deserve a nice summer break! 

    We will be off for 6 weeks and be back with energy and high motivation! 

    01.08.2019 - 16.09.2019

    That does not mean, we are not going to fly! Sure, we do!

    Wishing all our pilots and followers a happy sunny summer holiday...

    your GHY Alliance Management

  • Hiring PR Manager

    Dear all,

    We are seeking for a PR Manager for German SKY Alliance urgently.

    Please, check our Facebook page and your Pilot Mails for more information:

    (Link to the post): https://goo.gl/PkeZvb

    Please send me your application to: lucas@germanskyva.com

    Thank You! Happy Landings!

  • EU Privacy Policy

    Dear All, 

    We have  updated our Privacy Policy according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    which comes into effect on 25th May 2018.

    Please visit under Recruitment/Policy.

    Thank you

    German SKY Alliance Team